Desperation Dinners

For Mother’s Day, Maggie sent me a lovely handmade card.  Inside she talked about desperation dinners, know she understands them.  What is a desperation dinner you ask.  Well that is a night where you are so tired, the idea of cooking dinner is overwhelmingly awful.  It happened a few times when I would pick up three girls after work, we were all hungry wretches.  Well those few nights, I would stop at the grocery store and let the girls pick out dinner.  Maggie being 8 years older than her sisters was in charge of getting the dinners cooked.  They couple pick out anything they wanted as long as there was a dinner entree.    And there was only one dessert item per kid.  Off the girls went, happily choosing something to microwave and very seriously discussing what kinds of desserts they wanted.  I happily picked out a burrito or something for myself and went home to no work.  Hurrah!  And now Maggie does the same thing.  I wonder if she gets a dessert in addition to the easy dinner?

Now a days, I don’t have to cook dinner most nights.  Bob does a wonderful job of taking care of me.  And so when I get home after a long day, he has dinner ready most nights.  Occasionally we go out for dinner or I pick up somethinforto-go food on his desperation dinners.    

And on those days where I am too tired to do anything after work, I watch movies or tv shows on Netflix.  Saw a really fun gentle movie the other night”The Magie of Belle Isle”.  One of the main characters is a9 year old girl who got in trouble.  Her mom was creative on the punishment.  

“And your punishment is to memorize three new words and their definition by Friday dinner,  I expect to be impressed”

That is such a cool punishment, more creative than my baskets of laundry.  Wish I had thought of that.  It’s fun to look up unknown words in the dictionary.  Of course now that everything is online, are there still dictionaries?  I haven’t looked at one in years.  What a shame.  So perhaps my punishment for that is just that–find the dictionary and memorize three new words for the next blog post along with a discussion of laundry baskets.


Author: Heres to ART not Cockroaches

Welcome to my life. My life as a mom is changing as the kids grow up, leave home, and build their own lives. This gives me a chance to rebuild myself as an artist, develop a spiritual path, and most fun of all, start going out on dates with my husband. Come here the stories about the small things in life that can make one very happy. Dogs running on a beach, great breakfast dates, kids and their adventures, and my own adventures in this wacky life. I'll share some of my progress in learning art while juggling a full time job as an engineer. And best of all, it's a chance for me to practice writing stories while keeping in touch with my kids. I look forward to hearing from you. Comments, thoughts, and invitations to meet for coffee are all welcomed. Enjoy the stories.

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