Path to the ultimate swimming hole

So last night, Maggie was talking about her trip back east. She’s leaving on Sunday. And although I’ll be sad to see her leave, it is an exciting adventure ending up in Pennsylvania where she starts her new job as a graduate student. First day, she’s going to San Francisco, picking up Josh, and having a farewell party. If able, she’ll enjoy tacos and beer. If not, she’ll watch everyone else enjoying taco’s and beer.

And then Monday, she’s going swimming in the Yuba river. Josh and Mags leave early in the morning for Grandma Lohmann’s house. They live close to one of the best swimming holes in the world. Its 20 feet deep, large and wide, with a very slow moving current. I’ve never seen it, but Bob, Kat, and Liz all claim its wonderful. So there was a discussion on how to get to this swimming hole. And hence the need for a map. Start at the salad bowl which represents the house. Turn right on the road made of forks and knives. Park somewhere close to the knives which represent a bridge over the yuba and take the path west along the knife. Keep going until you get to the swimming hole between the white plate and the tomatoes.

Maggie is sure this map is more than good enough to get her to the swimming hole. I hope it is.


Author: Heres to ART not Cockroaches

Welcome to my life. My life as a mom is changing as the kids grow up, leave home, and build their own lives. This gives me a chance to rebuild myself as an artist, develop a spiritual path, and most fun of all, start going out on dates with my husband. Come here the stories about the small things in life that can make one very happy. Dogs running on a beach, great breakfast dates, kids and their adventures, and my own adventures in this wacky life. I'll share some of my progress in learning art while juggling a full time job as an engineer. And best of all, it's a chance for me to practice writing stories while keeping in touch with my kids. I look forward to hearing from you. Comments, thoughts, and invitations to meet for coffee are all welcomed. Enjoy the stories.

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