The two older girls decided they needed more space in their shared bedroom. The obvious answer was bunkbeds, something fairly easy to achieve because we actually owned a set. So there has been lots of furniture moved, massive reorganization of closets and dressers, and general chaos in my house for a couple of days. The end result is good, I like how their room looks; they even managed to get the couch from the living room into their bedroom. We now have a desk instead of a couch in the living room; but that might work out ok.

It has been 14 years since we last had working bunkbeds in this house. When the last baby, Kat, was born; we put her into the small bedroom and gave the girls bunk beds. They loved them; lots of fun to play on and a great place to make a fort. After all, Liz was 4 and Maggie 8, the perfect age. This lasted for about 8 months until one day, I walked into their room and saw the baby (now 8-9 months old) sitting on the top bunk without supervision. Confession time, I did get a bit heated and yelled at the girls to not put their baby sister on the top bunk. They claimed they had not done it and I did not believe them.

Well it turns out they were right because about 5 minutes later, I saw the baby climbing up the bunkbeds. She could not walk, but she could climb like a monkey. The beds came down that night. Maggie got her own room and Kat moved in with Liz. Since we could not move the crib with lots of hard work to dissemble; baby Kat went into a small blue bed at age 9 months. Toddler size, this bed had been made by her grandfather and was about 10 inches off the ground.

She did not want to stay in bed, but she wanted to go back into the crib less; so it only took a couple of days for Kat to learn about sleeping in a bed. Once that happened, the crib came down and got put under my bed. I don’t think we have it anymore; it probably got given away years ago. To bad, I would have liked to have it now since the drop side cribs were made illegal. They were really nice for the moms. But that is a different story.

I can still remember Bob’s look of amazement and horror at the mess that thursday night. He came home from work after being in LA for the week to total chaos. Beds in pieces, piles of stuff all over, and generally over-excited kids. What and why were among the questions he asked, disbelief at the accomplishments of baby Kat, and wishing that we had dinner waiting for him. But like all things, everything did work out and all was well.

And now the two young ladies have the “awesome suite” available when they are home. And I’m happy to have them here–I love the chaos and joy they bring to our lives. It seems quiet when they go back to school or their jobs.


Author: Heres to ART not Cockroaches

Welcome to my life. My life as a mom is changing as the kids grow up, leave home, and build their own lives. This gives me a chance to rebuild myself as an artist, develop a spiritual path, and most fun of all, start going out on dates with my husband. Come here the stories about the small things in life that can make one very happy. Dogs running on a beach, great breakfast dates, kids and their adventures, and my own adventures in this wacky life. I'll share some of my progress in learning art while juggling a full time job as an engineer. And best of all, it's a chance for me to practice writing stories while keeping in touch with my kids. I look forward to hearing from you. Comments, thoughts, and invitations to meet for coffee are all welcomed. Enjoy the stories.

One thought on “Bunkbeds”

  1. Nice story. Isn’t it amazing what little ones can do….especially when we are not ready for them to do that. Your story reminded me of when, one morning, I went into my baby son’s room (he was about 11 months) and found him sleeping on the floor. He had climbed out of his crib and just went to sleep on the floor!

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