Hobbit Second Breakfast

Was looking at my meetup groups and saw an invitation to a hobbit second breakfast this coming friday at 11:00 am.  What a cool idea, it’s to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of the hobbit.  Worldwide celebration, at 11:00 am set yourself down and eat a fine meal.  I’ll do it and let you know how it goes.  Wonder how many people I can get involved.  Will have to start publicizing it tomorrow.  For details and recipes look at:


Looked at Maggie’s canoe trip pictures, WOW, it was gorgeous.  Looks like everyone had a great time and saw some incredible sites.  I’ve been told that an old family friend; Barbara Bigelow; used to spend summers up there in Ely when she was a kid over 50 years ago.  Evidently her dad valued privacy so much she was supposed to throw rocks at anyone who came near their island. Don’t think that kind of behavior would be allowed now.  And I don’t think Maggie or her friends even thought about doing anything like that.  Enjoyed the description of Derek the fish, I’m sure he was delicious, especially after having to leave half of her food behind at the cars. And I”m sure Maggie will check the food regulations and remember a sleeping pad next time.

Its a late night; after 10:00 pm.  And if I’m going to ride a bike to work tomorrow will have to get up at 5:00 am.  Don’t know if I’ll do it yet; will decide sometime between now and 5 am.


Author: Heres to ART not Cockroaches

Welcome to my life. My life as a mom is changing as the kids grow up, leave home, and build their own lives. This gives me a chance to rebuild myself as an artist, develop a spiritual path, and most fun of all, start going out on dates with my husband. Come here the stories about the small things in life that can make one very happy. Dogs running on a beach, great breakfast dates, kids and their adventures, and my own adventures in this wacky life. I'll share some of my progress in learning art while juggling a full time job as an engineer. And best of all, it's a chance for me to practice writing stories while keeping in touch with my kids. I look forward to hearing from you. Comments, thoughts, and invitations to meet for coffee are all welcomed. Enjoy the stories.

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